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"Boushala" - Yogurt Soup Recipe
January 27, 2015

Boushala is an Assyrian soup that I grew up eating and never realized it was so healthy for me. My dad would make it most of the time and I would help him by sitting near the stove to stir. It's...

What is the NumNum® GOOtensil™
January 20, 2015

Why is the NumNum GOOtensil great for self-feeding you ask? It's b/c there is no right direction to scoop and feed. They just dip and put it in their mouth. It's that easy. And the NumNum Dips are made out of silicon...

Toddler Camp Holiday Party
December 04, 2014

To register for the event, follow the link to the Socal Moms' site: Toddler Camp Holiday Party

RiNGLY Teethers - Review by Coupons and Lesson Plans
October 12, 2014

RiNGLY Teethers - Review by Coupons and Lesson Plans Well it has begun... the Teething Stage! Our little guy has been putting anything he can get his hands on into his mouth. I started really thinking about what materials some...