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Organic Apple, Prune and Green Bean
Organic baby food recipe - Stage 2

• 2 Organic Apples (any variety except for tart green)
• 6 Organic Prunes
• 1/2 lb Organic Green Beans

• Wash, peel, cut (into 1/4 pieces) and core apples.
• Wash prunes.
• Wash and cut ends off of green beans and cut in half.
• Boil or steam apples and green beans together for 15 minutes, add prunes and boil for an additional 10 minutes. Turn off burner and steep until warm, not hot.
• Drain.
• Puree all ingredients (add water if needed) and serve fresh in a Sili Squeeze! Store in an airtight glass container that is safe from leaching chemicals into food, in the refrigerator for 2-4 days. Freeze and store for up to 2-4 months.

Nutritional Value:

Organic Apples: High in Fiber & soothes upset tummies
VITAMINS: Vitamin A Vitamin C
MINERALS: Potassium Calcium Phosphorus Magnesium

Organic Prunes: High in Fiber
VITAMINS: Vitamin A Vitamin C
MINERALS: Potassium Phosphorus Magnesium Calcium Iron

Organic Green Beans: Help build strong bones, support baby’s immune system & does not cause allergic reactions 
VITAMINS: Vitamin A Vitamin C Niacin Folate Vitamin K
MINERALS: Potassium Sodium Calcium Phosphorus Magnesium Iron


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