Tips for Picky Eaters

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Tips for Picky Eaters

Be patient: Serve new foods along with your child's favorite foods, if they refuse the item or don’t like it it’s ok.

Reintroduce foods: Your child might need repeated exposure to a new food before they take the first bite, try again in a few weeks or months.

One polite bite rule: As kids get older, instill manners that teach them to try at least one bite. Discourage behavior of disliking food like saying “that’s gross” or “yuck”; it’s not polite.

Let kids help: At home, encourage your child to help you rinse veggies, stir batter or set the table.

Ignite sensory perception: Encourage your child by talking about a food's color, shape, aroma and texture.

Smaller portions: Serve small portions to avoid overwhelming your child and give them the opportunity to ask for more.

Make it fun: Serve a variety of brightly colored foods! For baby making airplane noises is a tried and true tactic for getting them to open wide! For older toddlers, cut foods into various shapes with cookie cutters.

Routines: Set specific times for eating and snacking. Don’t allow your child to fill up on juice or milk throughout the day as this might decrease his or her appetite for meals. Serve only water between meals and snacks.

Sneak attack: It’s ok to be sneaky when getting babies or kids to eat healthy. Blending pureed veggies with fruit usually works. Never add sugar or salt to baby food. There are lots of cookbooks that can help you disguise veggies into older kids’ foods. Genius.

Choices: Give them a choice of what you approve of. Instead of asking what would they like to eat. Give them two choices of healthy foods to choose from.



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Audra Mincey
Audra Mincey

September 11, 2014

Great Blog post! I noticed you sell NeatCheeks on your site! Something that worked GREAT for me was using NeatCheeks to get my little guy to eat his veggies! I’d wipe his lips and since they are flavored with Stevia he would open his mouth wide and boom, I’d give him a mouth full of peas, carrots, you name it!

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