RiNGLY Teethers - Review by Coupons and Lesson Plans

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RiNGLY Teethers - Review by Coupons and Lesson Plans

Well it has begun... the Teething Stage! Our little guy has been putting anything he can get his hands on into his mouth. I started really thinking about what materials some of the teethers I had for him are made of, and decided that we needed more natural options. That is where PureMade Baby came in.... they sent us the certified organic Ringley Teethers and my son just loves them!
We were able to try the two super cute styles that PureMade Baby offers- The Ringley Knotted Teether and the Ringley Star Teether. Both of these teethers m eet and exceed the ASTM, CPSIA and CE toy safety standards.

The Ringley Teethers are an all natural product for baby to safely use to comfort those gums while teething. They are made in Canada from 100% organic cotton terry. Our little guy loves gnawing on this super soft fabric that can be used either wet or dry. He prefers it to be dry, when I dampened them he gave me a very funny look and dropped it. 

The rings for these teethers are made from untreated North American Maple, and according to the product information that makes them naturally antibacterial. Since he has been putting them in his mouth I think that fact is awesome!  He really seems to enjoy being able to go from the soft fabric to the smooth wooden ring. Plus his small hands can easily grip the little ring that is just his size. The Knotted Teether is attached to the wooden ring, but your are able separate the Star Teether from the wooden ring since it has a hook and loop closer. 

Washing the Ringley Teethers is incredibly simple. Just detach the Star Teether cloth from the wooden ring, and quickly hand wash.  For the Knotted Teether I wash the whole thing. I have been keeping them on rotation so he always has one clean. 

As you can see in the pictures, my son loves his 100% organic Ringley Teethers, and they must work to sooth his chewing needs since they are the first toy he reaches for when I lay him down for tummy time. PureMade Baby has so many wonderful products for your little one, and the Ringley Teethers are no exception.

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