"Boushala" - Yogurt Soup Recipe

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Boushala is an Assyrian soup that I grew up eating and never realized it was so healthy for me. My dad would make it most of the time and I would help him by sitting near the stove to stir. It's a soup made out of yogurt, cilantro, spinach and it's so good for you!

Check out the recipe below and let me know how you like it! Good for kids too... and can be blended for babies, 1yr+.

Boushala Recipe:
4 - 12oz organic yogurt (try to get a very tart/Greek nonfat version)
4 - Bunches of organic cilantro chopped
1 - Bunch/bag organic spinach chopped
1 - Stalk organic celery chopped
1/4 Cup - Basmati rice washed
1 - Egg, fork beaten
1-2 - Organic Jalapeños (optional)

Cooking Directions:
- Warm yogurt on medium heat, stirring frequently. 
- Add rice and egg mixture and stir thoroughly.
- Added chopped celery, followed by cilantro and spinach 10 mins later.
- Continue to stir so the yogurt doesn't curdle.
- Add Jalapeños, if you like a little heat. 
- Cook for about 15 mins and let cool.
- Salt can be added, but after cooking it, and soup has cooled.

Naneelookhoon! (Enjoy!)



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