Need help getting baby to sleep?

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Baby and Child Sleep Solutions

Are you desperate to solve your child’s sleep problems?

A customized, step by step plan and schedule that matches your child and family’s needs and parenting values. 

• How to teach your child self-soothing skills
• How to teach your child to go to sleep and back to sleep independently during the night.
• How to teach your child to take healthful, restorative naps.

Our biological clocks, or internal sleepy clock, are genetically controlled. These clocks drive our circadian rhythms and create an internal timing mechanism for sleep. Circadian Rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes and generally follow a 24 hour cycle. Our sleep rhythms and our children’s sleep rhythms are determined by our circadian rhythms.

Jenni June can carefully assess your baby’s current sleep habits and developmental state then provide you with a custom ‘timing’ plan that is line with your child’s natural biological sleep needs. From there we will create a personalized ‘method’ that will help you and your child make the adjustments, meeting their needs for restorative and healthful sleep.

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